Login into your Microsoft Azure account and download monthly usage file (Version 2 - Preview) from the Billing history for your subscription. Select that file below and start analyzing your Azure usage to get more for the money you spend on the cloud.

Improve your understanding of how much you spend on what in Microsoft Azure

Understand Azure expenses

You pay for what you use in the Cloud. This is great in theory, however, each of your actions ends up adding something to your Azure bill. Understanding and slicing your Azure usage data is important to pay for what you actually use.

Optimize your cloud projects

Most likely you have multiple projects and products in your Azure subscription. Each of the projects may use a myriad of various Azure services. Analyze, filter and group your Azure usage on a per-project basis and improve the project ROI.

Identify and eliminate waste

Projects grow and change over time. Some tools and services used at one stage of project lifecycle are no longer needed at present. But you may still be paying for them. Identify and get rid of unused resources with the help of Azure Usage Parser.